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Our Story

Why Choose Us
"Because we love what we do"
After more than 20 years of providing office coffee services, we have now forged great and tight relationships with the same people who have direct lineage to the coffee plantations. Thus bringing us as close as the coffee cherry on the tree. 
We've also come to know that specializing in just a selected few regions has led us to offer a much superior product and only the best of the best in quality coffee beans.
Our products are available online and in a variety of specialty shops and cafés. Having recently moved our Factory Store to Vaudreuil, Quebec, we are now able to maintain most operations in one place and better manage our inventory, prepare for deliveries, arrange for pickups and on occasion conduct some small scale roasting sessions there. We are also closer to a very loyal customer base in Ontario where we make weekly trips to deliver our fresh roasts.