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Cold Brew - Po & Co Coffee
Cold Brew - Po & Co Coffee

Po & Co Coffee

Cold Brew

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We pride ourselves on being innovative so of course we like to keep the same motto for our method of preparation for cold brew. Not to give away our secret recipe but we can say that our cold brew definitely has a kick to it and you will really take in the taste of the coffee bean. 

Our cold coffee comes in 2 different formats. One is most famous for use at home and delivered to you in our glass jars in a 1 litre size.  Some of our corporate customers like this method for their business because they can refrigerate the coffee for the entire week, not being restricted to one day only.  

Our 2nd format comes in our coffee to go dispenser. This is a bigger size and often used for office meetings or a get together among friends or peers.

Both formats are summer favorites and some even order it all year long. A must taste for all coffee lovers.